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Cosmopolitanism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Cosmopolitanism - Essay Example While in Europe he integrated with Romany people that his English contemporaries. His integration with the people enabled him to acquire Gypsy wandering culture. For instance while he was in Marseilles, France he learned Modern Greek, French, Italian, and Neapolitan dialect. Those languages came handy when the family traversed Europe especially France and Italy before settling in Britain. He learned an intermediate language between French and Spanish called BÃ ©arnaise in addition to classical Greek and Latin. I think Burton was an exemplary linguistic and a great European swordsperson that saw him expelled at Britain’s Oxford college since he had contravened one of its by-laws against mixing with other races. He challenged a fellow Oxford college student that had heard of his prowess with the Saber that ridiculed his walrus moustache. Burton later traveled to Asia to work for the East India Company in Sindth, India. He learned Gujarati, Marathi, Persian, and Afghan. He deepened his Arabic and Persian languages that he had started learning while in England. He traveled to the Arabian Peninsula in 1853 and admitted to Mecca and Medina as a pilgrim while he posed as a Pathan from India’s Northwest Frontier Province. Later on in 1858, he traveled to Africa together with his colleague John Hanning Speke. Historically, they were the first Europeans to see Lake Tanganyika. . Other places he visited in Africa included Somalia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Lagos, and Cape Coast.

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American Pragmatiscm Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

American Pragmatiscm - Essay Example They also held that there existence tracedental truth above any inquiry that is used by organisms in coping with their life. Therefore it can be held an ecological account of knowledge in which there is a constructed inquiry constructed by organism in order to have a grip of the environment that they are living int. (Quine, 1991) Charles Sanders Peirce who lived from 1839 to 1914 founded the American Pragmatism. In his inquiry about he concept, Peirce wrote a number of topic including the mathematical logical and semantics which had the concept of psychology in them. Another classical pragmatist was William James who lived between 1842 and 1910. James was a religious theorist and a psychologist and also a philosopher. He was the first philosopher to be identified with the term pragmatism when compared to Perce who was not that much famous. Neo-classical pragmatists were those who lived from 1950. They have been associated with the work of the classical pragmatism as compared to the neo-pragmatists. There were a number of neoclassical pragmatists (Eldrige, 1993) Sidney Hook lived from 1902 to 1989. He is considered to have been a prominent intellectual philosopher how was based in New York. He was once a student of Dewey at Columbia University where he learnt his pragmatist's foundations. Susan Haack who was born in 1945 is a teacher at the University of Miami. She had done commendable work on foundherentism based on the work that was done by Peirce. She is sometimes referred as the intellectual granddaughter of Pierce. Hickman Larry was a philosopher of technology. He is also a Dewey scholar and heads the Center for Dewey Studies. Hildebrand David is one of the most ardent supporters of Dewey work. He has expressed his dissatisfaction with neo-pragmatism and therefore called for the continuation of the original work that was done by John Dewey. Nicholas Research is also another important neoclassical pragmatism who has done a lot of work on the concept of pragmatism. Others include Gorge Herbert Mead Ralph Emerson Josiah Royce George Santayana Giovanni Papini Giovanni Vailati 3. Analytical pragmatists Most of the analytical pragmatists are also referred to as neo-pragmatist according to their work. The following are analytical pragmatists William Van Ormane Quine lived between 1908 and 2000 was more concerned with language, logic, and the concept of mathematical philosophy Lewis Irving live from 1883 to 1964 and also didn't a lot of work of pragmatism. Richard Rorty who lived from 1931 to 2007 did a lot of work of the philosopher and the mirror of nature Hilary Putan expressed that classical pragmatism was permissive a theory. Hew is taken to have been