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Solution of Fundamental of Electric Circuits Free Essays

Section 1, Problem 1 what number coulombs are spoken to by these measures of electrons: (a) 6. 482 ? 1017 (b) 1. 24 ? 1018 (c) 2. We will compose a custom paper test on Arrangement of Fundamental of Electric Circuits or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now 46 ? 1019 (d) 1. 628 ? 10 20 Chapter 1, Solution 1 (a) q = 6. 482ãâ€"1017 x [-1. 602ãâ€"10-19 C] = - 0. 10384 C (b) q = 1. 24ãâ€"1018 x [-1. 602ãâ€"10-19 C] = - 0. 19865 (c) q = 2. 46ãâ€"1019 x [-1. 602ãâ€"10-19 C] = - 3. 941 C (d) q = 1. 628ãâ€"1020 x [-1. 602ãâ€"10-19 C] = - 26. 08 C Chapter 1, Problem 2. Decide the current coursing through a component if the charge stream is given by (a) q(t ) = (3t + 8) mC (b) q(t ) = ( 8t 2 + 4t-2) (c) q (t ) = 3e - t ? 5e ? 2 t nC (d) q(t ) = 10 sin 120? pC (e) q(t ) = 20e ? 4 t cos 50t ? C ( ) Chapter 1, Solution 2 (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) I = dq/dt = 3 mA I = dq/dt = (16t + 4) An I = dq/dt = (- 3e-t + 10e-2t) nA i=dq/dt = 1200? cos 120? t pA I =dq/dt = ? e ? 4t (80 cos 50 t + 1000 sin 50 t ) ? A PROPRIETARY MATERIAL.  © 2007 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights saved. No piece of this Manual might be shown, repeated or conveyed in any structure or using any and all means, without the earlier composed authorization of the distribute r, or utilized past the restricted dissemination to instructors and teachers allowed by McGraw-Hill for their individual course readiness. In the event that you are an understudy utilizing this Manual, you are utilizing it without authorization. Section 1, Problem 3. Discover the charge q(t) moving through a gadget if the current is: (an) I (t ) = 3A, q(0) = 1C (b) I ( t ) = ( 2t + 5) mA, q(0) = 0 (c) I ( t ) = 20 cos(10t + ? /6) ? A, q(0) = 2 ? C (d) I (t ) = 10e ? 30t sin 40tA, q(0) = 0 Chapter 1, Solution 3 (a) q(t) = ? i(t)dt + q(0) = (3t + 1) C (b) q(t) = ? (2t + s) dt + q(v) = (t 2 + 5t) mC q(t) = ? 10e - 30t sin 40t + q(0) = (c) q(t) = ? 20 cos (10t + ? /6 ) + q(0) = (2sin(10t + ? /6) + 1) ? C (d) 10e - 30t ( ? 0 sin 40 t †40 cos t) 900 + 1600 = ? e †30t (0. 16cos40 t + 0. 12 sin 40t) C Chapter 1, Problem 4. A current of 3. 2 A courses through a conductor. Figure how much charge goes through any cross-segment of the conductor in 20 seconds. Part 1, Solution 4 q = it = 3. 2 x 20 = 64 C Chapter 1, Problem 5. Decide the absolute charge moved over the time frame ? t ? 10s when 1 I (t ) = t A. 2 Chapter 1, S olution 5 1 t 2 10 q = ? idt = ? tdt = 25 C 2 4 0 PROPRIETARY MATERIAL.  © 2007 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights saved. No piece of this Manual might be shown, repeated or conveyed in any structure or using any and all means, without the earlier composed authorization of the distributer, or utilized past the constrained circulation to instructors and teachers allowed by McGraw-Hill for their individual course readiness. On the off chance that you are an understudy utilizing this Manual, you are utilizing it without authorization. 10 Chapter 1, Problem 6. The charge entering a specific component is appeared in Fig. 1. 23. Locate the current at: (a) t = 1 ms (b) t = 6 ms (c) t = 10 ms Figure 1. 23 Chapter 1, Solution 6 (an) At t = 1ms, I = (b) At t = 6ms, I = dq 80 = 40 A dt 2 q = 0A dt dq 80 = â€20 A dt 4 (c) At t = 10ms, I = PROPRIETARY MATERIAL.  © 2007 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights held. No piece of this Manual might be shown, repeated or appropriated in any structure or using any and all means, without the earlier composed consent of the distributer, or utilized past the restricte d dispersion to instructors and teachers allowed by McGraw-Hill for their individual course arrangement. In the event that you are an understudy utilizing this Manual, you are utilizing it without authorization. Part 1, Problem 7. The charge streaming in a wire is plotted in Fig. 1. 24. Sketch the relating current. Figure 1. 4 Chapter 1, Solution 7 ? 25A, dq ? i= = †25A, dt ? ? 25A, ? 0 t I = inv(Z)*V I= 1. 6196 mA â€1. 0202 mA â€2. 461 mA 3 mA â€2. 423 mA PROPRIETARY MATERIAL.  © 2007 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights held. No piece of this Manual might be shown, replicated or conveyed in any structure or using any and all means, without the earlier composed authorization of the distributer, or utilized past the restricted dissemination to instructors and teachers allowed by McGraw-Hill for their individual course arrangement. In the event that you are an understudy utilizing this Manual, you are utilizing it without authorization. Part 3, Problem 54. Discover the work flows i1, i2, and i3 in the circuit in Fig. 3. 99. Figure 3. 99 Chapter 3, Solution 54 Let the work flows be in mA. For work 1, ? 12 + 10 + 2 I 1 ? I 2 = 0 ? ? 2 = 2 I 1 ? I 2 For work 2, ? 10 + 3I 2 ? I 1 ? I 3 = 0 For work 3, ? 12 + 2 I 3 ? I 2 = 0 ? ? ? ? (1) 10 = ? I 1 + 3I 2 ? I 3 (2) 12 = ? I 2 + 2 I (3) Putting (1) to (3) in framework structure prompts ? 2 ? 1 0 I 1 ? ? 2 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1 3 ? 1 I 2 ? = ? 10 ? ? 0 ? 1 2 I ? ?12 ? ? 3 ? ? ? Utilizing MATLAB, ? ? Simulated intelligence = B ? 5. 25 ? I = A B = ? 8. 5 ? ? ? ?10. 25? ? ? ?1 ? ? I 1 = 5. 25 mA, I 2 = 8. 5 mA, I 3 = 10. 25 mA Restrictive MATERIAL.  © 2007 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights held. No piece of this Manual might be shown, recreated or disseminated in any structure or using any and all means, without the earlier composed authorization of the distributer, or utilized past the restricted dispersion to instructors and teachers allowed by McGraw-Hill for their individual course planning. On the off chance that you are an understudy utilizing this Manual, you are utilizing it without authorization. Part 3, Problem 55. In the circuit of Fig. 3. 100, comprehend for i1, i2, and i3. Figure 3. 100 PROPRIETARY MATERIAL.  © 2007 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights held. No piece of this Manual might be shown, recreated or disseminated in any structure or using any and all means, without the earlier composed consent of the distributer, or utilized past the restricted dispersion to instructors and teachers allowed by McGraw-Hill for their individual course arrangement. On the off chance that you are an understudy utilizing this Manual, you are utilizing it without consent. Part 3, Solution 55 10 V b I2 i1 I2 + c 1A 4A 6? I1 d I3 2? i2 4A a 12 ? I4 i3 4? +†I3 I4 8V 0 It is clear that I1 = 4 For work 4, 12(I4 †I1) + 4(I4 †I3) †8 = 0 6(I2 †I1) + 10 + 2I3 + 4(I3 †I4) = 0 or - 3I1 + 3I2 + 3I3 †2I4 = - 5 (1) (2) (3) (4) For the supermesh At hub c, I2 = I 3 + 1 Solving (1), (2), (3), and (4) yields, I1 = 4A, I2 = 3A, I3 = 2A, and I4 = 4A At hub b, At hub an, At hub 0, i1 = I2 †I1 = - 1A i2 = 4 †I4 = 0A i3 = I4 †I3 = 2A PROPRIETARY MATERIAL.  © 2007 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights held. No piece of this Manual might be shown, replicated or disseminated in any structure or using any and all means, without the earlier composed authorization of the distributer, or utilized past the restricted appropriation to instructors and teachers allowed by McGraw-Hill for their individual course readiness. In the event that you are an understudy utilizing this Manual, you are utilizing it without authorization. Section 3, Problem 56. Decide v1 and v2 in the circuit of Fig. 3. 101. Figure 3. 101 PROPRIETARY MATERIAL.  © 2007 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights saved. No piece of this Manual might be shown, repeated or conveyed in any structure or using any and all means, without the earlier composed consent of the distributer, or utilized past the restricted dissemination to instructors and teachers allowed by McGraw-Hill for their individual course planning. On the off chance that you are an understudy utilizing this Manual, you are utilizing it without consent. Part 3, Solution 56 + v1 †2? 2? i2 2? 2? 2? + v2 12 V + †i1 i3 †For circle 1, 12 = 4i1 †2i2 †2i3 which prompts 6 = 2i1 †i2 †i3 For circle 2, 0 = 6i2 â€2i1 †2 i3 which prompts 0 = - i1 + 3i2 †i3 For circle 3, 0 = 6i3 †2i1 †2i2 which prompts 0 = - i1 †i2 + 3i3 In framework structure (1), (2), and (3) become, ? 2 ? 1 ? 1? ? i1 ? ?6? ? ? 1 3 ? 1? ?I ? = ? 0? ? 2 ? ? ? ? ? 1 ? 1 3 ? ?I 3 ? ?0? ? ? ? ? (1) (2) (3) 2 ? 1 ? 1 2 6 ? 1 ? = ? 1 3 ? 1 = 8, ? 2 = ? 1 3 ? 1 = 24 ? 1 ? 1 3 ? 1 0 3 2 ? 1 6 ? 3 = ? 1 3 0 = 24 , subsequently i2 = i3 = 24/8 = 3A, ? 1 ? 1 0 v1 = 2i2 = 6 volts, v = 2i3 = 6 volts PROPRIETARY MATERIAL.  © 2007 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights held. No piece of this Manual might be shown, imitated or circulated in any structure or using any and all means, without the earlier composed consent of the distributer, or utilized past the constrained dissemination to instructors and teachers allowed by McGraw-Hill for their individual course arrangement. On the off chance that you are an understudy utilizing this Manual, you are utilizing it without consent. Part 3, Problem 57. In the circuit in Fig. 3. 102, discover the estimations of R, V1, and V2 given that io = 18 mA. Figure 3. 102 Chapter 3, Solution 57 Assume R is in kilo-ohms. V2 = 4k? x18mA = 72V , V1 = 100 ? V2 = 100 ? 72 = 28V Current through R is 3 iR = io , V1 = I R ? 28 = (18) R 3+ R 3+ R This prompts R = 84/26 = 3. 23 k ? Exclusive MATERIAL.  © 2007 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights held. No piece of this Manual might be shown, repeated or appropriated in any structure or using any and all means, without the earlier composed authorization of the distributer, or utilized past the constrained conveyance to instructors and teachers allowed by McGraw-Hill for their individual course arrangement. On the off chance that you are an understudy utilizing this Manual, you are utilizing it without consent. Part 3, Problem 58. Find i1, i2, and i3 the circuit in Fig. 3. 103. Figure 3. 103 Chapter 3, Solution 58 30 ? i2 30 ? 10 ? 10 ? 30 ? i1 + i3 20 V †For circle 1, 120 + 40i1 †10i2 = 0, which prompts - 12 = 4i1 †i2 For circle 2, 50i2 †10i1 †10i3 = 0, which prompts - i1 + 5i2 †i3 = 0 For circle 3, - 120 †10i2 + 40i3 = 0, which prompts 12 = - i2 + 4i3 Solving (1), (2), and (3), we get, i1 = - 3A, i2 = 0, and i3 = 3A (1) (2) (3) PROPRIETARY MATERIAL.  © 2007 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights saved. No piece of this Manual might be shown, replicated

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Biography of Rihanna free essay sample

She started marking when she was seven with two of her schoolmates however it wasn’t until she was sixteen that she met Evan Rogers and started to work with him and moved out of Barbados. A year in the wake of moving to the states she was approached to meet with Jay-z at DefJam Records where she was offered an agreement in February 2005. Working with DefJam records she had the option to record her first collection before the finish of 2005. â€Å"Music of the sun† was discharged and Pon De Replay turned into her first broadly realized hit making it in to the best 5 singles for that year. Pretty much a year later she discharged collection number two â€Å"A Girl Like Me†. Her melody S. O. S. was her first number one hit and the collection was positioned in the best five collections for the year. In May 2007 she discharged her third collection â€Å"Good Girl Gone Bad† which won her a Grammy for best rap/cooperation for her main hit Umbrella. We will compose a custom paper test on Life story of Rihanna or on the other hand any comparable point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page This collection additionally was known for three other number one hits including Don’t Stop the Music, Take a Bow, and Disturbia. Around two years after the fact she discharged her fourth collection â€Å"Rated R† which was the main collection on the Billboard Hot 100 collections for the year. Three of her melodies from this collection made it to the main ten singles including Russian Roulette, Hard, and Rude Boy. Under a year later she discharged â€Å"Loud† being one of her most well known collections and being known for her three number one singles Only Girl(In the World), Samp;M, and What’s My Name?. At last her latest collection â€Å"Talk That Talk† was discharged in 2012 and is at present known for the main single We Found Love. Starting at now we realize that she is taking a shot at her seventh collection which no data has been discharge about. She had been on four visits far and wide and makes them up and coming visit Diamonds World Tour which will be her greatest, longest visit yet. Rihanna frequently offers credit to her objects of worship that all affected her in various manners. The individual she says impacted her the most would be Madonna saying â€Å"I need to be the Black Madonna. † She additionally has said that Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Mariah Carey and Destiny’s youngster were exceptionally compelling on her life turning into a fruitful craftsman in today’s music industry. Rihanna has become a powerful individual herself, having been and icon for Justin Bieber and Rita Ora, both more youthful specialists. She has been named one of the most compelling individuals on the planet and positions fourth in the most remarkable big names. She has gotten numerous honors including five American Music grants, eighteen Billboard Music grants, two BRIT grants and 5 Grammys. She has had eleven number one singles on Billboards top 100 and was named Digital Artist for the 2000’s by Billboard Music too. She is the most elevated selling computerized craftsman ever with 47,571,000 sold singles starting at mid 2012. Forbes announced that she earned somewhat over $82 million between May 2010 and May 2012 and she keeps on developing her profession. Rihanna in known for her provocative music recordings, huge numbers of them with under-lying implications. Much like Madonna she joins substance misuse, abusive behavior at home or love triangles into her recordings. She likewise transforms darken circumstances into glamour and glitzy circumstances. A large number of her recordings and outfits have caused discussion due to the unequivocal substance. Her live shows are known for her hip shaking, sex claim, disposition, provocative outfits and over the top exhibitions once in a while being very scandalous. She has said that â€Å"These exhibitions are each of the a demonstration, that’s not me. That’s a section I play. You know it’s like a bit of craftsmanship with all these toys and surfaces to play with. † In her initial days she was a normal adolescent pop star however she handily moved her appearance significantly and keeps on evolving much of the time. When she discharged her â€Å"Good Girl Gone Bad† collection she had totally shook the adolescent pop star picture everybody had gave her. By 2008 she was named best dressed by Peoples magazine and was on Maxims Hot 100 for five back to back years (2007-2011). In 2009 Glamor named her Woman of the year and she positioned seventeenth out of fifty in Most Glamorous Women. She likewise was named hottest ladies alive in 2011 by Esquire. In addition to the fact that she is a very effective music craftsman, she has had her offer in going about also. In 2006 she distraught an appearance in the film Bring it On: All or Nothing. In 2012 she was found in the film Battleship as GM2 official Cora Raikes and had another appearance in The Katy Perry Movie. In the following two years she will be found in End of the World and Happy Smekday. The fruitful Barbadian whiz began as a run of the mill high schooler pop vocalist and has made an immense name for herself, singing as well as going about too. Endeavoring to transform herself into the â€Å"Black Madonna† it appears she has met her objective in spite of the fact that she keeps on accomplishing more with her profession. Following seven years and six collections Rihanna has gotten one of the most well known music craftsmen in the USA as well as around the world. She is one of the most powerful VIPs for forthcoming music craftsmen in the business today.

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Advantages of Taking a Gap Year

Advantages of Taking a Gap Year Why should you take a gap year Home›Education Posts›Why should you take a gap year Education PostsIt is a common experience for students in many countries to take a gap year before starting their university life. The most common things, future students do during this time, is either working or travelling. Even though some people find it as a sheer waste of time, gap year can be really beneficial, if to spend it properly.The Biggest Advantages of Taking a Gap YearA year after school life may seem like a small period of time. However, spending it in the right way may boost your future studying and life in general. You can choose working, volunteering, travelling or even studying â€" your imagination is the limit. Apart from life experience, there are a lot of other positive reasons to take a gap year.CHALLENGESYour school years were always busy and boring. Taking a year out allows you to try something unusual that you have never experienced before. Perhaps, travelling through jung les, climbing a mountain, a paragliding camp or something even more dangerous has always been in your dreams. It is high time to fulfill your wishes.BASEMENT OF YOUR LIFEA gap year may finally bring you independent life that you have always been striving for. Such meaningful time will make you more communicative, confident, and single-minded.DISCOVERIESOne of the most adorable things a person can do is to travel around the world. As you are young and full of energy at this time, use it wisely. Imagine spending every month in a different country. You will be overloaded with numerous and various emotions and memories after such a great trip. So, many things can happen with you during this time that it is definitely worth its efforts.STUDYINGDo not waste your time during a gap year. If you travel a lot or work hard, spend this time learning something new. After that, your CV will look solid and supported with real facts. Employers do appreciate talented and skillful workers.REACHING A GOALSet yourself an aim and do everything in order to achieve it. Such determination will help you succeed in your business in the future. The biggest achievement in your life is the achievement for yourself.WEALTHEducational fees are not small both in the US and in Europe. Sometimes, your parents are not capable of paying for your tuition. In this case your main goal must be earning enough money for the future studying. It is quite easy to find a part-time job now, that there are no difficulties in earning a few extra dollars. As, perhaps, you live with your parents, you do not have to sustain anybody, thus you own all the earned money.TIME TO RESTStudying at school may be really exhausting, especially in the last years. Not only does your body require a rest but also your mind. Thus, in order to have a break from studying, you may take a gap year to unwind yourself, build up your strength and become new yourself before the university life.

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The United States National Debt - 1328 Words

The total United States national debt is now over 19 trillion dollars and our Congressional leadership shows no signs of accomplishing any significant changes to make the situation better. That 19 trillion equates to almost $59,000 for every citizen of the United Sates. Sound financial practice is to not spend more money than you earn and borrow only for emergencies. It appears our Congress is incapable of adhering to sound financial practices as in the last fifty years there have only been five years when the U.S. recorded a budget surplus. Between 2009 and 2012 the U.S. added 5.5 trillion dollars to its national debt. Neither Republicans nor Democrats appear to have any sense of urgency in rectifying this problem. Fortunately the U.S. Government has a good reputation of paying its debts and thus has a good credit rating which allows it to continue borrowing, although that good standing was put to the test recently in 2011 when Standard Poor’s reduced the U.S. rating from A AA to AA+. A good solution would be to enact an amendment to the U.S. Constitution requiring a balanced budget, but all previous attempts have failed. So what does the U.S. have to show for $19T worth of debt besides crumbling federal highways and bridges in danger of collapsing? Not much other than the world’s finest military and a lot of money spent keeping the elderly population happy, alive and healthy. The U.S. Government receives most of its tax revenues from the labor of its people andShow MoreRelatedUnited States National Debt1438 Words   |  6 PagesUnited States’ National Debt The current economic event on the increase in the National government debt has become of interest to the public and the decision makers. This paper looks at the economic event as per Stephen Dinan’s article in The Washington Times dated on June 16, 2015, in regards to the impact of the increasing national debt to the general economic growth in America. The proportion of the United States National debt is increasing in comparison to the National GDP. It is evident fromRead MoreNational Debt Of The United States2489 Words   |  10 Pagesattention. National debt has been a key issue in the past that has gotten a lot of attention of the public and in the general elections. National Debt or Federal deficit is the total amount of money the government has borrowed from any source. The national debt in the United States is currently $15,236,332,233,848.35 and growing. The national debt per U.S citizen is about $48,852.95. These numbers are made up of public debt and Intergovernmen tal Holdings. Over the past 50 years national debt has increasedRead MoreThe National Debt Of The United States Essay1644 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The National debt of the United States is currently sitting at over $19 trillion dollars. There are many public opinions on whether or not this is a risk to the US economy and if this will lead to our next economic collapse. The National debt is the amount owed by the federal government to all of those who hold the notes. The outstanding Treasury securities at a point in time that have been issued by the Treasury and other federal government agencies is the measure of public debt. When we talkRead MoreThe United States National Debt2648 Words   |  11 PagesAlarming Reality of the United States National Debt One trillion dollars is an astounding amount of money. What if I told you that the United States of America is in debt not just one trillion dollars, but nineteen trillion dollars in debt, as of 2016. As time goes on, the United States only continues to rack up more and more debt. It is estimated that in just 4 years, our national debt will increase by about 2 trillion dollars. The truth is, our country has been battling debt ever since it was foundedRead MoreThe National Debt Of The United States2113 Words   |  9 PagesThe national debt of the United States is the amount of money owed by the United States federal government to creditors. Such creditors include businesses, other governments, organizations, or individuals that own U.S. debt securities (Investopedia). It is the sum of all past federal deficits, minus any surpluses. The current U.S. debt is at roughly $18 trillion dollars and counting (TreasuryDirect); see Figure 1 below for debt increase over time since 1939, where the gray columns indicate periodsRead MoreThe National Debt Of The United States2290 Words   |  10 PagesThe National debt of the United States has increased at a rate of over one trillion dollar per year for the last 10 years. The main culprit behind the rising federal deficits and debt is the growing federal spending on programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the Patient Protections and Affordable Act (Obamacare). Currently, the national debt exceeds $18 trillion dollars. That amounts to more than $58,000 for each person who lives in the U.S. today (including children). Some sayRead MoreThe United States National Debt Essay1941 Words   |  8 PagesMany Americans today are aware that the United States is in debt, however, some may not realize by how much. Currently, the United States National Debt is up to 18 trillion dollars and is steadily increasing. This is a serious problem for the U.S., especially for millennials, who are going to be the ones living and dealing with the debt left behind for them. Increased spending, borrowing from China, and interest on the money borrowed are setting up our economy for an eventual crash, one that theRead MoreThe United States National Debt1455 Words   |  6 PagesnÃŽ ±tionÃŽ ±l debt. InternÃŽ ±l ÃŽ ±nd externÃŽ ±l debts ÃŽ ±re the two types of nÃŽ ±tionÃŽ ±l debt. InternÃŽ ±l debt includes the ÃŽ ±mount borrowed from sources within the country. The government rÃŽ ±ises this money by selling securities, government bonds, ÃŽ ±nd bills. While externÃŽ ±l debt is the money borrowed from foreign sources. These sources mÃŽ ±y include privÃŽ ±te sources, other countries, ÃŽ ±nd the InternÃŽ ±tionÃŽ ±l MonetÃŽ ±ry fund. This pÃŽ ±per will explore the reÃŽ ±sons ÃŽ ±nd consequences of the high nÃŽ ±tionÃŽ ±l debt fÃŽ ±ced by the United StÃŽ ±tesRead MoreT he United States National Debt Essay823 Words   |  4 PagesOn the Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, there is a national debt clock that shows the amount of United States national debt. The clock was first installed in 1989, and can show up to ten trillion dollars. It ran out of digits in October 2008 when the sum of debt exceeded the amount. A new clock with two extra digits is going to be installed (Izzo 2 ). We hear about the debt almost every day: news talks about it, politicians argue about it, even President Obama gives speeches on it. So what is the significanceRead MoreEssay on Reducing the National Deficit1071 Words   |  5 PagesReducing the National Deficit Many United States citizens are unaware of the countrys current financial state. Many assume that one of the worlds wealthiest countries could never be in debt. This is untrue however, and, in fact, the country with the greatest income per capita is in major debt. This study will examine possible solutions to reducing the United States national budget deficit. Understanding the National Deficit The amount of money that the United States government owes

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Jb Hi-Fi Financial Analysis Essay - 3058 Words

Financial Analysis The question asks us to compare and evaluate JB Hi-Fi’s calculated ratio report, with that of the retail industry ratio report (Potter, Libby, Libby, Short p. 1133). The retail ratio report is comprised of a basket of listed companies which operate under the retail banner, which makes it relevant to use as a comparison to JB Hi-Fi. 1. Liquidity ratios are a class of financial metrics that is used to determine a companys ability to pay off its short-terms debts obligations. Generally, the higher the value of the ratio, the larger the margin of safety that the company possesses to cover short-term debts. Table 1: Current Ratio Current ratio: This ratio measures whether or not a firm has enough resources to†¦show more content†¦Table 5: Fixed Asset turnover Ratio The fixed-asset turnover: This ratio measures a companys ability to generate net sales from fixed-asset investments | 2010: 11.03 | 2011: 11.25 | Industry: 5.26 | Comparison: Here the industry average is 5.26 times, compared to JB Hi-Fi’s figures of 11.25 (2011) and 11.03 (2010) times. This indicates that JB Hi-Fi is able to generate greater sales from its fixed assets, when compared to the market average. Generally, firms with a higher fixed asset turnover are successful in getting the most out of their assets, and in turn are able to generate higher revenues. Here JB Hi-Fi outperforms its sector, and this indicates that it is in a strong position to generate sales from the assets it has available. Table 6: Total Asset Turnover Ratio Total asset turnover : This ratio measures the efficiency of a company’s use of its assets | 2010: 3.97 | 2011: 4 | Industry: 3.17 | Comparison: This ratio calculates the amount of sales generated for every dollar worth of assets. The retail average is 3.17 times whilst JB Hi-Fi is slightly higher at 4.00 (2011) and 3.97 (2010) times. This indicates that JB Hi-Fi may have lower profit margins, when compared to the rest of the industry. This may be explained by the fact that JB Hi-Fi is more cutthroat and competitive when it comes to pricing, trying to gain as many sales as possible. Table 7: Days Payables Ratio Days payables: This is a ratioShow MoreRelatedEssay about Jb Hi-Fi Financial Analysis2747 Words   |  11 PagesJB Hi Fi Ltd Company Analysis Report Executive Summary The impact of a company’s financial statement depends mainly on the company’s business strategy; both transactional and operational, its industry profile and the nature of its competitive environment. This report analyses 15 ratios of JB Hi-Fi’s financial performance and suggests a recommendation for investors. JB Hi-Fi Limited (JBH) is a specialty discount retailer of branded home entertainment products. The groupsRead MoreFinancial Performance Of Jb Hi Fi Limited1732 Words   |  7 PagesStatement of Purpose In this report, we are going to analyse the financial performance of JB Hi-Fi Limited (JBH), over the past three years (2012 to 2014), by calculating a series of ratios, using different historical data provided by audited financial reports. A period of three years has been selected for the financial analysis of the company as trend results generated over several periods are much more meaningful than that from a single year balance sheet and income statements. Moreover, afterRead MoreStudy Of Financial Statement Structure Of A Retail Company Jb Hi Fi1564 Words   |  7 Pagesassignment involves the study of financial statement structure of a retail company JB Hi-Fi which is listed on Australian Stock exchange. The report aims at understanding and stating the financial position and financial performance of the company and its utilization for the investors and internals in decision making process. The report is prepared on the basis of data extracted from the annual report for year 201 4 of the company. The report consists of financial statement analysis and a case study solutionRead MoreCorporate Reporting Under The Corporations Act 20011529 Words   |  7 Pagescompanies may be viewed as sneaky and troublesome. JB Hi-Fi has established an Audit and Risk Management Committee (ARM) as stated in their annual reports. This committee meets regularly and are independent of the company as they are non-executive directors. To further demonstrate JB Hi-Fi’s integrity, Deloitte Australia is used as an independent auditing company to additionally declare the annual financial reports as unbiased, factual and honest. As JB Hi-Fi is transparent in their corporate reportingRead MoreJb Hi Fi The Vision, Mission, Values And Challenges Facing The Organization1352 Words   |  6 Pagesthe organization JB Hi-Fi the vision, mission, values and challenges facing the organization, while identifying and analyzing the business. It will also feature a SWOT report followed by and over view of the organizations issues. Lastly the report will look into current and ongoing HR issues within the organization. Background JB Hi-Fi is an Australian retailer of consumer electronics it began in 1974, where Mr. John Barbuto (JB) established JB Hi-Fi in East Keilor, Victoria. His main focus was toRead MoreA Brief Note On Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) Essay1315 Words   |  6 Pages JB Hi Fi A company always requires a good management to succeed in the long run. Management is the process of reaching organizational goals by working with and through people and other organizational resources. It is a procedure or arrangement of proceeding and related exercises. It involves and concentrates on reaching organizational goals. It reaches these goals by working with and through people and other organizational resources. Some think little of the significance of administration inRead MoreJb Hifi and Harvey Norman Comparision3085 Words   |  13 Pagesreport is to compare the financial report of the two ASX listed companies they are Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi. It provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and previous profitability, liquidity and financial stability of both companies. Methods of analysis include financial ratio analysis for example profitability and performance ratio, liquidity ratio, financial and stability ratio by reviewing the financial report of two companies. It also review the industry analysis, highlighting the sizeRead MoreHarvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi financial compariosn2724 Words   |  11 Pagesï » ¿ Table of Contents Assignment Objective: The main aim of this assignment is to present an exploration of two major parts of financial statements i.e. Statement of Comprehensive income and statement of financial position. This is done by comparing elements of Balance Sheet and income statement of two separate companies and discussing similarities and difference of Presentation and Disclosures of these two separate organizations. Furthermore, discussing different methodsRead MoreJB HI FI Analysis3850 Words   |  16 Pagesï » ¿ JB Hi-Fi is a well-known and successful cooperation that majors in house hold appliances, technological goods and the stock shares, the JB Hi-Fi Cooperation was established in 1974 by Mr. John Barbuto (JB), trading from a single store in East Keilor, Victoria. Since then JB Hi-Fi was sold independently in 1983 from there on the business grew. In 1999 another nine stores were opened nationwide. Shortly thereafter In July 2000 JB Hi-Fi was purchased yet again by private equity bankers and seniorRead MoreJb-Hifi Analysis Report6189 Words   |  25 PagesExecutive Summary JB Hi-Fi is an entertainment and consumer electronics chain store, providing a range of branded home electronic products and music records. The electronic industry is experiencing growth over the last few years mainly due to the introduction of a handful of electronic gadget which captures the attention of consumer. However, this growth focused on a few products such as smart phones, tablet, and music player while the rest of the products are slowing in terms of growth. Despite

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Change Management and Resistance Ford Motors

Question: Discuss about theChange Management and Resistancefor Ford Motors. Answer: Introduction Change is common in most of the areas of any firm and expecting the correspondence to resistance in the most baffling and challenging prospect (Anderson, 2011). The resistance further may take a number of forms such as an increase in quit leading to employee turnover, generation of negative emotion, a persistent reduction in the output, negotiation for transfer from responsibilities, and expression of much pseudological reasons why change with not work (Beer Nohria, 2000). The present report is thus focused on the elucidation of factors that are mainly responsible for demonising the resistance to change, with take case reference from companies like Google, Ford Motors, Coca cola, and Australian Government (Health Department). In addition to this, the scope of managerial function and their ethical implication in conjunction with resistance and organisational culture is also discussed in this report. Why Changes are Resisted and Why Resistance is Problematic According to Dent et al. (1999), there are various sources responsible for the resistance to change, which is needed to be evaluated in order to build a strategic framework for the change implementation (management) plan. The most common factor among these is the lack of communication or inappropriate clarity in the message, as a result of which the employees fails to understand the importance of change prospect (Burnes Todnem, 2011). Likewise, lack of visionary objective by the leader or owners also lead to the development of misleading perspective. In a report by Karnani et al. (2014), it was discussed that often the need for the change is misunderstood when the reason for the change is unclear, which is reflective in coca cola company. The company faces strong opposition from customers during 1996, and thereby CEO of company Mr. Gouizetta, manages change by acting as an inspirational leader. He framed several groups within the employee segment, clearly advocated the requirement o f change in the procedural and production line; which in turn made the company able to achieve market competitiveness. This resistance situation is frequently reflective by those who have used the current way of doing things for years, and they believe that it works well. This working attitude is also referred to as stereotypic nature or fear from learning newer procedures. According to Cameron et al. (2009), employees tends to develop emotional attachment and connection with the former way of doing things, and as a result of which negotiation seems to be easier rather than learning and adopting newer ways. An example of such resistance to change can be found in Australian health care sector where adoption of electronic record system was presumed to be a beneficial change over the traditional paper based record management (Nguyen, Bellucci Nguyen, 2014). Taking a case reference of Google, the resistance among employees is mainly shown due to frequently changing of computer codes and that the group leaders insist on preparing newer programs, suitable according to customer needs (Erkama, 2010). In this case, the reason for the resistance is linked to the condition of uninformed implementation of change, which mainly has a beneficial aspect for companys finance or for the concerned stakeholders. In other words, the lack of consideration for the employees, tactical HR policies that lack benefits for employees and neglect their need are likely to be resisted by employees (Linstead, Fulop Lilley, 2009). The rationale behind the discussion of this issue is that such perspective attitude among employees will fail to bring sustainability in the implementation course of change management process. Such situation can only be managed with proper motivation, encouraging employees to bring change, and defining their role in terms of achieving cust omer satisfaction. According to a report by Jabri et al. (2012), even when the benefits and positive rewards after making the change are not recognisable as compared to the trouble involved, the situation is likely to create dissatisfaction for the change among the people. Reversely, Google adopts this measure of rewarding and acknowledging the contribution of their employees, as a result of which today Google have 5% annual employee turnover, and according to a recent survey, 87% of employees shows positive attitude and satisfaction for their job at Goole (Steiber Alnge, 2013). Relationship of Power and Resistance in Organisational Change According to Piderit et al. (2000), power is directly linked with organisational politics because, associated members have varying interest, experiences, and perspectives. The resistance to any organisational change is linked with power, is further dictated with below-mentioned theories. According to the theory by Kotler, change is good as it brings newer techniques for effective work management (Kotter, J. P., Schlesinger, 1979). The role of managers and change agents is to implement best practices that are based on empirical and measurable data. On the other hand, the resistance reflective by employees is considered to be bad, because often it leads to failing implementation of good measures into the organisational culture. Likewise, resistance is also referred to as coercion if employees tends to quiet their job, negotiate with manipulation, and demands more sanctioning that put extra cost to firm. According to Karnani et al. (2014), Coca Cola company faces such resistance among employees, where they demand to be resistance against changed procedure. In this regard, the company faces 8% of employee turnover in Georgia, during year 2010, which reflects how change can be referred to as coercion. According to Shaw et al. (2009), change implementation in an organisat ion involves the power usage and influential tactics by CEOs, change managers, work councils, line managers, consultants, employees, and another group of interests for effective change management and influencing change process. The resistance is mainly an outcome of psychological state, that associates employee attitudes and emotions. One example in this regard can be found from Australian Government Health Department, where employees resist to adopt electronic record management system, due to fear of learning computer literacy, anxiety for poor performance, and individual capacity lacking. In a report by Burr et al. (2015), resistance is natural according to social perspective and that such resistance is possible to manage into fruitful direction with social interaction. Thus, it is of high requirement that managers must create effective environment to offer motivation, easy learning, and supportive training environment to foster the change (Amagoh, 2008). Power and resistance is thus linked with the fact that the authoritative agents force employees to do, which they would not otherwise do. It should be noted that the relationship between power and resistance is not fixed but are flexible, which is manifested with negotiations of meanings (Thomas Hardy, 2011). In this consideration, the resistance is inherent that depends on personal attitude and their understanding to the change requirement. While power is concerned with certain organisational members capacity to make changes and that certain authoritative have constrained power. The most effective procedure of using power to overcome resistance can be learned from Ford Motors, which involves the use of power through agents, and they influence each others attitude through open discussion, democratic dialogue and another power process. The change cases in Ford motor is a clear example of such management, in which the managers are require to include the employees and customers into di rect framework of change. The objective of such framework is to make the product more acceptable by customers and thereby achieving the competitive advantage (Samuel, Found Williams, 2015). Ethics of Managerial and Resistant Position in the Change-Making Process The ethics of managerial and resistant positions in context to organisational change is dependent on the organisational behaviour; which includes the values and principles of individuals (Beer Nohria, 2000). The ethics of managerial position towards change management also depicts their completeness and appropriate actions. Certain managers do not change for the sake of competitiveness (cost effective measures or aligning with the technological drift), rather they believe that change is needed to enhance the organisational performance. They play the role of a good initiator, change agent, leader, and sponsor for effective change management, which is reflective with managerial practices at Ford Motors. As a result of such practices, the company received number of awards such as Ethisphere Institute in 2015 and Worlds most ethical companies award in 2016 (Samuel, Found Williams, 2015). However, the resistant position in the organisational change has been evolved because of the loss of feelings of status, power, career, relationships and opportunities, which can be found in Australian Health Sector during the period of 2011-2014 (Nguyen, Bellucci Nguyen, 2014). It is needed that the administrator (or HR quality levels) that is responsible for the change in the value system of the organisation should act in an ethical manner. For example, Australian Government introduces the procedural requirement of training and education. Likewise, the change in the strategic framework in major hospitals should include all the stakeholders (including employees and customers) into a decision-making framework to bring electronic archetypes in the data/information management. These measures are effective as they tend to reduce the overall risk associated with the implementation plan and hence are likely to lessen the extent of resistance (Nguyen, Bellucci Nguyen, 2014). Implications of Managerial and Resistant Positions for Effective Change Management Achieving the change management through effective programmes is a complex process which differs according to different organisational needs. Taking account of the organisational needs and individual aspects, different approaches should be adopted to manage the change (Hirsch, 2014). These strategies further should be based on the external environment and the objectives associated with the change; the preceding examples are explained with case study of implementing change of EHR system into Australian Health sector. At first for building successful management programmes, it is necessary to design the case for the change which will be giving a foundation for the overall change process. This mainly includes a collection of evidence and success framework, which can be presented to policy makers, stakeholders, and to board members of Australian Government (health department) and major hospitals and clinics. Secondly, there should be effective leadership (by physician and nursing health an d allied health professionals head) from the managerial position ensuring that the managers are capable enough to manage the implementation (Nguyen, Bellucci Nguyen, 2014). Likewise, in order to forester the changed procedure into best practices, it is also critical to arrange training program for the employee, for example computer literacy, using e-mail for communication, and updating the records into the Information Technology (IT) portals. Apart from this, a clear and open communication is required from both the leaders and resistant positions to implement the change without any resistance. This in simpler terms is also referred to as two-way communication, and the same brings into the procedure of feedback and opinion collection for managing future changes (Dolan Bao, 2012). In all the mentioned steps requisite for the change management programme, the view of the employees should be taken so as to implement motivation level as well as to involve them in the strategic decision- making process actively (Fleming Spicer, 2006). Note that it is the responsibility of both the managers and employees to share their vision and values of changed and current way of doing thing respectively to derive the final objective for the necessity of change. Conclusion In summary, the present report is based on managerial actions (ethics, power, and attitude) and the resistance from an employee in conjunction to implement change procedures within any firm. Poor communication or miscommunication is realised to be a primary cause for the resistance towards change and creates a problem in terms of generating negative emotions, reducing outputs, and facilitating employee turnovers. Based on the analysis, it can be thus concluded that for effective change management within an organisation, the power of higher administration and resistance from the employees are equally linked with each other. Resistance to change management process is the outcome of authority exercised by the managerial positions, with the intention to achieve power or to escape from it. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the change managers to avoid conflict in the change process by making active participation of all the group in decision-making. References: Amagoh, F. (2008). Perspectives on organizational change: systems and complexity theories. The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal, 13(3), 1-14. Anderson, A. (2011). Engaging Resistance. Stanford University Press. Retrieved from Beer, M., Nohria, N. (2000). Cracking the Code of Change. Harvard Business Review, 78(3), 133-141. Burnes, B., Todnem, R. (2011). Leadership and change: the case for greater ethical clarity. Journal of Business Ethics, 108, 239-252. doi:10.1007/s10551-011-1088-2. Burr, V. (2015). Social constructionism (3rd ed.). Retrieved from eBook Library. Cameron, E., Green, M. (2009). Making sense of change management (2nd ed.). Retrieved from eBook Library Dent, E. B., Goldberg, S. G. (1999). Challenging resistance to change. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 35, 25-41. doi: 10.1177/0021886399351003 Dolan, S. L. Bao Y. (2012). Sharing the culture: Embedding storytelling and ethics in the culture change management process.Journal of Management and Change, 29, 10-23. Erkama, N. (2010). Power and resistance in a multinational organization: Discursive struggles over organizational restructuring. Scandinavian Journal of Management, 26, 151-165. Fleming, P., Spicer, A. (2006). Contesting the corporation: struggle, power and resistance in organisations. Retrieved from: Ford, J. D., Ford, L. W., DAmelio, A. (2008). Resistance to change: The rest of the story. Academy of Management Review, 33, 362-377. Hirsch, P. B. (2014). Whither the bully pulpit: leadership communications and corporate transformation.Journal of Business Strategy,35(6), 66-70. Jabri, M. (2012). Managing Organizational Change: Process, Social Construction and Dialogue. London: Palgrave Macmillan. Karnani, A. (2014). Corporate social responsibility does not avert the tragedy of the commons. Case study: Coca-Cola India.Economics, Management, and Financial Markets,9(3), 11-23. Kotter, J. P., Schlesinger, L. A. (1979). Choosing strategies for change. Harvard Business Review, 57, 106-114. Linstead, S., Fulop, L., Lilley, S. (2009). Management Organization: a critical text. Basingstoke: Palgrave, Macmillan. Nguyen, L., Bellucci, E., Nguyen, L. T. (2014). Electronic health records implementation: an evaluation of information system impact and contingency factors.International journal of medical informatics,83(11), 779-796. Piderit, S. K. (2000). Rethinking resistance and recognizing ambivalence: A multidimensional view of attitudes toward an organizational change. Academy of Management Review, 25, 783794. Samuel, D., Found, P., Williams, S. J. (2015). How did the publication of the book The Machine That Changed The World change management thinking? Exploring 25 years of lean literature.International Journal of Operations Production Management,35(10), 1386-1407. Starr, K. (2011). Principles and the politics of resistance to change. Educational Management Administration Leadership, 39(6), 646-660. Doi:10.1177/1741143211416390. Steiber, A., Alnge, S. (2013). A corporate system for continuous innovation: the case of Google Inc.European Journal of Innovation Management,16(2), 243-264. Thomas, R., Hardy, C. (2011). Reframing resistance to organizational change.Scandinavian Journal of Management,27(3), 322-331.